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Announcing our New Integration with Filevine Case Management!

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Primafact 5 Online Training Resources are Here!


Primafact 5 is the latest major upgrade to our powerful document management software for litigation practices. Litigators use Primafact to …

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Share Documents Expertly with Primafact

Assembling case documentation for your expert’s review can be a time-consuming, expensive and paper-intensive task.  Retrieving and copying all of

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Keep Discovery Prep Consistent With Controlled Vocabularies

August 17, 2015

Marking up documents with Annotations is a great way to share file intelligence among your team when

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Organize Your Next Motion With Special Purpose Binders

July 31, 2015

Most matters have smaller moving parts like motions and mediations that require only a subset of the

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Service Pack 1 for Primafact 4.5 Now Available

Primafact has just released Service Pack 1 for Primafact 4.5, featuring a number of fixes. Users may notice improved speeds

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Primafact Version 4.5 Now Available

We are excited to announce the release of Primafact 4.5, featuring refinements that make reviewing your paperless documents more convenient

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Primafact Ranked Third in TechnoLawyer’s Top 10 Hottest Legal Products of 2014


Primafact's document management software for litigators has just been ranked the third hottest legal product of 2014 by TechnoLawyer, out of a …

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TechnoLawyer – The Paperless Litigation Practice Becomes a Reality

For decades, litigators and their teams have organized case-related documents in specialized binder systems from the likes of Bindertek and Redweld. …

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What is OCR?

OCR (an acronym for Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that converts digital documents (scanned paper documents saved as .pdf

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