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5 Ways Primafact Saves Time for Litigation Teams

Litigation teams face constant pressure from unstoppable flows of documentation. To thrive, the right document management system is essential. Effective …

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Learn the Role Indexing Plays in Optimizing Searchability in Primafact

Primafact's search tools are invaluable when you need to quickly locate elusive materials within your Case. To make your documents searchable, Primafact …

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Easily Share Organized Production Briefs with Primafact Publish

Primafact’s built-in publishing tools make it easy for legal teams to assemble and share documents with opposing counsel, expert witnesses and clients. …

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Merging and Extracting Documents in Primafact


Merging Documents in Primafact

The Merge feature is used to bring multiple documents together into a single document in Primafact. This is an essential …

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Changing Primafact's Default View Settings for Convenient Review

Comfortable document viewing is a necessity for anyone who reviews complex documents on-screen. For litigators, who routinely scrutinize hundreds of pages …

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Seeing Double: Copying vs Duplicating Documents in Primafact

For busy litigators, a Document Management System plays a crucial role in organizing your firm’s important documents and files. But managing your documents …

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Building a Winning Paperless Litigation Practice

For litigation practices, going paperless offers prized outcomes – efficiency, deeper case knowledge and even improved outcomes. Achieving these benefits is …

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Sandcat Software COVID-19 Statement

March 20, 2020

The rapidly evolving and unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19 present significant challenges for all businesses and law …

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How to Design an Effective Scanning Workflow for Your Litigation Practice


One question most litigation firms ask when planning their scanning intake workflow is: “Should we have a dedicated scanning resource, or should teams …

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Searching Gets Visual with Primafact’s Document List View

For time-pressed litigators, one of Primafact’s greatest strengths is its ability to pinpoint that “needle in a haystack,” quickly locating that elusive …

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