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Simplify Document Exports with Primafact 6 Portal Uploads

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Uploading documents to online portals and document-sharing platforms offers speed and reliability, but the process can be surprisingly cumbersome. Primafact 6’s portal upload tool makes document uploads more orderly and efficient.





Uploading documents directly from Primafact saves the intermediate step of copying documents to a temporary location such as a desktop folder before uploading.

For simple uploads, select the document(s) from your Primafact 6 binder or document list. Click the upload button, and when the documents are ready, just click and drag the green button to your portal upload screen and wait for the upload to complete. Once you’ve completed your upload, you’re done – no need to erase any temporary desktop files.


Selected documents ready to upload to document portal     

Faster Uploads

Primafact 6 has optimized document assembly times, speeding up the process of exporting large documents from Primafact.

You don’t need to sit idly while large documents upload - the Portal Upload tool uses a separate Primafact window, so you can keep working in the main Primafact module while larger files upload.



It’s easy to send your documents to portals in your specified order – documents are uploaded in the same order that they are positioned in your binder, so you can upload in batches, rather than individually uploading each document. (Documents selected from list views are uploaded in the order selected, for easy organized uploads as they are needed.)


Rename on the Fly

Primafact 6 Binders support Document Title Aliases, making it easy to name your uploaded documents differently from the Main Titles in Primafact. Automated title aliases can be set up to automatically generate alternate document titles that match naming popular naming conventions, such as CaseLines title protocols.

You can also manually add custom aliases for bespoke exported document titles, without disrupting your main Primafact document titles. This lets you assign a suitable title for your upload, such as appending a tab number to a Caselines upload to ensure your overall document order is preserved in Caselines.


  Using Title Aliases for Uploaded Documents                   

Optional Add-Ons

Save time creating more functional document uploads directly from Primafact – your uploads can include Bates numbers, binder page numbers, highlights and web links as needed, for more functional document uploads directly from Primafact. This eliminates the need to use a second program to mark up documents exported from Primafact.


Simplify Your Next Portal Upload

Uploading documents to external portals is more efficient than ever with the Primafact 6 Upload tool. Use it to save time and have better control of document output. Contact us today if you’re not using Primafact 6 and want to make use of this timesaver.