Know Your Case – Cold

  • Instant access to your complete case file

    Work smarter and be better prepared than your competition by having key litigation documents and critical facts at your fingertips. Respond confidently to on-the-spot challenges – Primafact delivers thorough search results in the blink of an eye.

  • Take it with you wherever you go

    Primafact is the perfect travelling companion for those who prefer to travel light. Review and prepare your case anywhere life takes you. Have all your evidentiary documents on hand – from cafes to court – with the benefit of Primafact’s advanced features. 

    The Primafact Mobility Suite, available for iOS and Android, keeps you connected with live access to your Case documents.

  • Going paperless has never been so easy

    Primafact is amazingly easy for your entire team to learn and use. With our JumpStart Program, your firm can get up and running even faster.

  • get the winning edge: Primafact 5

    Primafact 5 is now available as a free upgrade to firms already using Primafact. The Primafact 5 Customer Center has resources to help you get the most out of Primafact.

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