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8 Key Primafact Features Litigators Should Know About


Having key documents and critical facts right at your fingertips lets you work smarter and be more responsive to on-the-spot challenges.

Enter Primafact's document management software. Designed for litigators, Primafact offers the tools you need to know your case– cold, ensuring there are no barriers between you and the information you need to win. In addition, Primafact’s intuitive interface makes it easier to build briefs and instantly access your documents.

8 key features of Primafact

If you’re not yet familiar with Primafact and how it's document management solution can help you and your litigation practice become more agile, here are eight essential features to start you off:

1. User-friendly binder index presentation of documents sets out your case narrative. This makes it much easier to understand your cases than with Windows Explorer or standard document management software. Briefs and the Case Summary provide you with a quick at-a-glance view of your case.

Primafact helps you easily find what you need, when you need it with powerful search capabilities. Dynamically filter case content and instantly pinpoint key facts and statements with built-in optical character recognition (OCR) and robust text searchesHighlighted search results right on the document helps instantly identify information about your case.


Flexible markup records your notes and analysis directly on your documents– eliminating the time spent conducting look-ups for cross referencing. You can review key issues in your case with live annotation reports and share analysis throughout your team with annotations coded by issue, author, document and other criteria.


Work delegation tools let you distribute key tasks to staff, monitor file development activities and easily review status– so you can keep the file moving forward at all times. You can track key tasks by issue so performing file reviews is fast and thorough.


Primafact streamlines document intake with intuitive tools so that it doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. You can easily organize documents into structured briefs with drag-and-drop document import, scanning, and delegation

Pro Tip: You can also easily import files from email into Primafact via the convenient email integration with Outlook.


Instantly collaborate and discuss documents with your team via Primafact's conversation tools. Receive important new documents for review as soon as they arrive, so you can collaborate and provide follow-up instructions in real-time. Conversations with your team are saved on documents for easy reference in the future.


Efficiently manage productions in electronic format. With Primafact, you can conveniently assemble tabbed briefs to share with experts. Serving opposing counsel doesn't have to be a time-consuming task as you can quickly publish and disclose relevant documents. Importing productions into Primafact from opposing counsel is easy too it only takes a few clicks.


Take your entire case with you to depositions, mediations, and trials with complete mobile file access. With the Primafact Mobility Suite for iOS and Android you can search your documents to quickly check facts for unanticipated challenges. Additionally, the Primafact app allows you to review incoming documents on-the-go to provide instructions and mark-up documents while analysis is still fresh in your mind.

BuilT for the busy litigator

Primafact is comprehensive document management for busy litigators who are looking for ways to boost productivity in their practice. With everyone working together to build a well-organized case file, you will be confident in your preparation– keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

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