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Litigators can now manage cases with the power of Primafact and the speed of Filevine

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We’re excited to announce our integration and partnership with Filevine, modern case management software built for litigation firms. With this integration, litigators can now manage cases with the power of Primafact and the speed of Filevine!


Filevine is customizable case management for your litigation practice. Manage more cases with greater security, better communication, and less stress. Filevine allows you to run your firm like a business with:

  • Custom Case Builder: Filevine lets you configure case management for your area of practice. Centralize all case information, focus more attention on your clients via texting, and never miss a deadline.
  • Automated Workflows: Establish a winning process with specific task assignments and articulated workflows. Collaborate with your team to bring the case to close.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Experience limitless custom reports and creative dashboards. Analyze data for smart decision-making, track costs and settlements, and prove ROI.
  • Integrated Calendars & Deadlines: Filevine's smart deadline chains assign next steps automatically and can be fully customized to your jurisdiction. See them appear in your calendar automatically so you never miss another deadline.
Visit to learn more about Filevine's case management software for litigation firms.


Firms will now benefit from the following integration points:

  • Seamless Switching Between Programs: Users will now be able to switch between Filevine and Primafact while staying on the same case. If you are working on a file in Primafact and wish to see case management status, switching to Filevine will automatically select the case currently displayed in Primafact. Similarly, if you are working on a file in Filevine and wish to dig more deeply into supporting documentation, switching to Primafact will automatically select the case displayed in Filevine. This will provide users with an extended work space to take advantage of the strengths of each program without the need to select cases separately in the two programs.
  • Add Notes to a Filevine Activity Feed from Primafact (including links): Users can now update the Filevine Activity Feed without leaving Primafact. Notifications may include receipt of key evidentiary documents, high priority messages/notes and task assignments. By including a link inside the Note, users will be able to click and automatically open Primafact and see the originating document displayed in the Filevine Activity Feed. Users control when notes are sent from Primafact to the Filevine Activity Feed. An embedded URL in the Note will allow users to open Primafact to the referenced data item.

With the power of two leading programs working together, litigation firms can now operate even more efficiently. We’re really excited about this new partnership and would love to hear about all the creative ways you plan to use these integration features. 

Click Here to read our detailed guide about this integration.