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Service Pack 1 for Primafact 4.5 Now Available


Primafact has just released Service Pack 1 for Primafact 4.5, featuring a number of fixes. Users may notice improved speeds in response times for performing a number of operations.

Users looking to minimize image file sizes and reduce printing costs will find printing color images to greyscale is now much more convenient. TIFFs can also now be bulk-imported more quickly for more efficient file assembly.

Other fixes include improved PDF layouts, which now fully match the layout of original documentation. Improved detection of CD-ROM and DVD drives allows users to readily use their brand of choice for CD burning. Annotation responsiveness has also been improved, with annotations now appearing readily in real-time without requiring users to manually refresh views.

Longtime users again have access to the original binder view font, if they prefer to keep Primafact’s classic look and feel, while enjoying improved performance.

See here for an overview of what’s new in Primafact Version 4.5.

Questions about this Service Pack?  Our support team at is always happy to assist with any questions you may have about Primafact.