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Take Charge of Your Undertakings with Primafact 6

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Keeping track of satisfied undertakings can be one of the most time-consuming administrative activities in a litigation practice. Primafact 6’s Team Flags can make undertakings and requests a lot easier to manage. Taking a moment to record service details can build informative report views, saving significant team effort devoted to undertakings.

The Simple Fix

Simply assign a team Flag to “Undertaking,” and apply that flag to your served document or sent request. To review all sent undertakings and requests, click on to your Case’s Documents screen, and filter on the Undertaking flag. You’ll see all flagged undertakings together in one place.

Basic UT flag filter

Documents List Filtered on "Undertakings" Team Flag

Small Configurations Make a Big Difference

For even more effective management, a saved View for undertakings delivers key details at a glance. Consider adding Profile Field Categories to capture the Undertaking Page Number and Sent Date. Including an undertaking description can also be helpful for consolidated review.

Detailed List of UTs

  Detailed Undertakings View with Profile Field Tracking   

You can even export the list into a report for Word, Excel or Outlook for management and review outside of Primafact.

Easy Tracking 

To keep the record up to date, all your team needs to do is apply the Undertaking flag and any desired profile coding whenever answers to undertakings are served or requested. A few quick clicks can ensure instant access to key details when undertaking information is inevitably required.

Improve Your REview Capability 

Need better access to your document details? Contact us today to boost your document review capability with Primafact 6.