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Binders Made Better in Primafact 6

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Primafact 6 brings powerful new features to Primafact’s Binders, for exceptionally effective documentary review. A new visual experience and expanded tools make it easier than ever to focus on key content without interrupting your flow. 



Visual Cues

Full-Text Search and Filters

more powerful previews

bundle binders


visual cues

New icons make deeper document content instantly apparent as you scroll through your binder. Documents containing favorable and unfavorable content, key documents, and other attributes are immediately recognizable as you browse the binder. Expanded annotation colors makes identifying case issues quick and instinctive. Title bolding for unread documents in the binder alerts you to new content.


Updated Primafact Binder View with added icons, "unread" indicator, and search tools.


Full-text Search And Filter2-Binder_Search_Settings

New binder search and filter tools instantly identify specific content right from your Binder view.

The binder full-text search tool instantly filters to documents containing matching text within the document, titles, annotations or profile fields. You can adjust search scope to limit or expand identified matches. For example, you may only want to find matching document Text and titles, or perhaps only want to identify documents matching certain document profile content.

Results are displayed in your binder’s organized format, along with associated headers, for easy navigation. Page displays and other content identifiers make finding specific content fast and precise.

Binder Search Filter Options


Binder Search and Filter - Headache + Adverse

Case Binder Filtered on "Headache" & Adverse Annotations


You can refine any search to include additional filters – document filters can be applied individually or aggregated to target very specific document attributes. Quickly apply dropdown filters to display a defined date range, key documents, Team Flags, and documents containing specified annotation colors, issues and favorability.

Filter DropdownDropdown filter lets you filter to documents marked up with selected  Annotation color labels

The new binder content settings apply to individual users. If you find any of the new coding distracting, you can customize your binder view settings to suit your personal viewing preferences.


More powerful previews

We’ve added new details to the preview pane, to make it faster and easier to scan documents for specific content.

Information Tab-2

The Annotation Tab shows the annotations for the current document and can be searched and filtered to help find specific evidentiary markup. You can open annotations directly from the Binder for a closer look.

The Discussion Tab includes any Comments posted to the document, for a detailed history of questions, instructions, and other team conversations about the document.

The Link and Highlight Tabs list all the links and highlights in your document. You can jump directly to highlighted pages and document links from this Tab.

The Information Tab presents a powerful summary of document-level information, including locations of document copies (helpful where teams use Inbox review workflows). This screen also displays document review status, Annotation and Team Flag Summary, along with document information including date, page number and OCR status, along with technical details, like file size.


Document Information Tab View

Having detailed information available in the document preview can be a timesaver when bringing files forward – you eliminate time spent opening new tabs, and avoid losing track of open windows when performing cursory reviews.


Bundle binders

Bundle Binders are Primafact’s newest binder setting, designed to make exporting PDF document briefs quick and efficient. The Bundle Binder setting places PDF export tools front-and-center, so you can create a complete tabbed PDF brief in a few quick clicks.

PDF export tools are conveniently located at the top of every Bundle Binder. One button exports your binder content as a single tabbed PDF brief, another button marks a Binder as uploaded, and the Titles dropdown makes it easy to change document titles in your binder to a selection of Aliases that may differ from your preferred Primafact document titles. 


Title Alias Dropdown in Bundle BInder     

Applying Title Aliases make it easy to comply with court naming requirements, without the hassle of duplicating document sets for more efficient production assembly. 



With your most-needed search and review tools available on a single, organized screen, Primafact’s binder views are more informative than ever. New search, filter and display tools keep you alert to what’s new and important for more effective case reviews. Having everything in one place preserves focus so you can critically consider your Case.