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5 Ways Primafact Saves Time for Litigation Teams

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Litigation teams face constant pressure from unstoppable flows of documentation. To thrive, the right document management system is essential. Effective document management underpins downstream efficiencies, from seamless intake and review to efficient production assembly and ensuring advocates are up to speed at key case milestones.

Document management doesn’t stop at filing – teams constantly access documents as the case progresses. Done right, your document management system can promote team efficiency throughout the case lifecycle.

Below we share 5 ways that Primafact saves time and promotes efficiency.



Make Short WOrk of PRoduction Assembly

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Document sharing doesn’t need to monopolize your team’s administrative time. Primafact routinely shaves hours off production assembly. Whether you are sending hundreds of documents or just one, sharing case documents is quick and easy.

Primafact Case Binders keep documents methodically organized from the outset, making materials easy to identify and share. 

For small numbers of documents, emailing PDFs is often the easiest approach. Simply select the document in Primafact and Primafact will prepare an email with the PDF attached. Redactions are included and by default your notes are not. No need to scrub or remove case intelligence.

Primafact’s Publishing tool makes creating and sharing larger document sets a snap. Any binder can be published in its entirety or more selectively. Redactions are included, your notes are removed, and page numbering can be applied in a single step.

Within a few minutes, your staff can prepare a bundle of hundreds of documents to share electronically. Indexes can be included in the Affidavit schedule for perfect alignment with the tabbed brief. You can also create tabbed briefs in single PDF format with hyperlinked documents for court submission.

Get Up to Speed Quickly

When preparing for appearances and meetings, you need to master key case details in a hurry. Primafact binders present a well-ordered case narrative that’s easy to navigate. The context-structured format quickly identifies focused content like pleadings, expert reports, production groupings and associated analysis.

Primafact makes it easy to dig into more focused issues, such as an injury’s progression, to efficiently evaluate your case. Primafact’s Annotations screen makes it easy to filter case notes and analysis to target relevant information. You can quickly establish chronologies, identify areas of contention, and anticipate witness statements directly alongside source documents.

Clicking on an individual annotation displays the underlying evidence, such as a doctor’s statement about a patient’s memory loss. With the document and related materials at your fingertips, you can expand on key details, or filter more narrowly – flexible filtering makes it easy to test theories as you consider all angles of your case.

Memory Loss - Annotation Review

Efficiently REview DocumenTs For Key Details

The goal of the review process is to identify key materials and build the strongest case possible for clients. Efficient and thorough review is key. Primafact accomplishes this in several ways with built-in review tools.

On arrival, documents can be flagged for review to create an efficient process that ensures key details are identified and addressed. Primafact makes it easy to read documents, make notes, update memos, and manage instructions as case documents come in. Built-in routing tools make it easy to follow up on document requests or get that critical second opinion.

Annotation and coding tools make it easy to highlight critical passages and add analysis any time the document is reviewed, preserving information and insights for future review. Tagging by issue allows future reviewers to directly access desired information and focus on what’s important – saving time and effort as files mature.

As the file is built over time, the availability of focused information adds up to considerable time savings and more efficient case management and understanding.

Annotation Form

Nimbly Address the Unexpected

Unexpected surprises do come up in any litigation. Primafact’s search and filter tools have you covered. Curveballs that emerge in discovery can be countered in the moment with Primafact’s instant search capabilities, clearing a misremembered or disputed fact on the spot. Instantly search content across your entire matter, including your own notes to provide an appropriate response and keep the proceeding on track, saving time on undertakings and recall examinations.

Unplanned calls from clients or counsel don’t need to be deferred or finessed – case details and summaries at your fingertips help you confidently advance your case without appearing caught off guard. Primafact’s convenient annotating and coding tools also enable you to dynamically record emerging issues and details right within your case file so you can preserve key information, communicate and take action while details are top-of-mind.

Search Amnesia

Keep Track of What Needs AttentioN

Effective case administration starts with efficient document management. Many litigation teams receive hundreds if not thousands of documents a week. Receiving, reviewing, and organizing these documents into user-friendly case files is an ever-present challenge.

Primafact drives efficient workflows, ensuring superior team performance throughout the life of your case. Document import is simple. Primafact’s Outlook integration makes it easy to immediately import documents via drag-and drop. Primafact also supports direct scanning, enabling paper documentation to be deposited and routed efficiently.

Flexible workflows can permit documents to be reviewed at any time – and multiple reviewers can simultaneously access the same documents and file notes, ensuring teams are coordinated and in synch. Review status can be tracked and details like service dates can be preserved for future status reviews.

Primafact’s built-in messaging tools and email integration make it easy to route documents and even specific pages to members of the team and outside experts, ensuring that document review and related activities stay in focus.

Ultimately Primafact builds a fulsome, organized case with material reliably housed in structured binders alongside case analysis – so any member of the team can readily access, review and share case materials.


Primafact Document Management for litigation allows teams to organize and share documents, get up to speed quickly on files, find key facts immediately, and track matters by legal issues. Lawyers are better prepared for litigation and have tools to respond effectively in time-pressed settings such as at trial.

Document workflows and review tools create robust processes that make teams more productive while minimizing errors. Together, Primafact’s powerful document management tools promote team efficiency and add up to significant time savings.

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