Primafact’s new links tool enhances connectivity for more effective e-briefs, letting you embed links to websites and other Primafact content within your Primafact documents.  These links are exportable for more functional submissions.

Watch the series to learn how to leverage these tools effectively for more powerful case preparation.


00:00   Introduction to Primafact Links
00:43   Adding Links
01:39   Creating a Link to a Primafact Document Location
02:56   Opening a Link within Primafact
03:01   Modify a Link
03:26   Delete a Link
03:40   Linking to an External Location (Online)
04:36   Modify an External Link
04:41  "Linking to Highlight" Online
05:26   Viewing Links
05:46   Exporting Links in PDFs
06:59   Related Video Tutorials