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Everything you need to know about Primafact 5

Primafact 5 is now available as a free upgrade for firms already using Primafact. 

The upgrade defines a new standard in document management for litigators through a variety of enhancements.

  • Watch our introductory videos to get started;
  • Access the Training Video Library to view more training videos.

Orientation to Primafact 5

Primafact 5 offers an array of new workflow and file review features designed to improve team efficiency and maximize file knowledge.


Mobility Suite

The Primafact Mobility Suite, an optional add-on available for iOS and Android, keeps you connected with live access to your case.


Want to learn more?

1. Download the What's New in Primafact 5 Feature Overview;

2. Access the Training Video Library to view more Primafact 5 training videos and schedule an upgrade.

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