Know Your Case – Cold

Having your complete file at your fingertips means you can be confident in your case preparation – with no barriers between you and the information you need to win.

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Familiar View

  • Work in a familiar “binder-style” view
  • Sort, re-order and organize your documents any way you like
  • Create additional binders for assembling productions, briefs or trial books

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Instant Search

  • Instantly find words and phrases in documents or annotations
  • See your search results highlighted right on the page
  • Sort results according to date, relevance, and location

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Detailed Annotation

  • Add analysis, margin notes and electronic highlighting to your documents
  • Share comments and instructions with your team
  • Redact sections or entire pages

Share + Collaborate

  • Share and view documents instantly with your team
  • Publish to CD, DVD or PDF.  Email any document right from Primafact

Effortless Synchronization

  • Take Primafact with you to settlement, examinations or even trial
  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Synchronize any changes or annotations you make while out of the office