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Primafact is Powerful Document Management for your Litigation Practice.


Instantly locate a fact, develop a position, streamline document review and share with others. Primafact manages all of your evidentiary documents so you can:

  • Pinpoint Key Facts and Statements;
  • Streamline Team Workflow;
  • Manage Service and Productions;
  • Monitor Case Development.

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We’re excited to announce our integration and partnership with Filevine, modern case management software built for litigation firms. With this integration, litigators can now manage cases with the power of Primafact and the speed of Filevine!

Firms will now benefit from the following integration points:

  • Seamless Switching Between Programs: Move between Primafact and Filevine within the same case.
  • Unified Case Records: Send case notes and document links to Filevine from Primafact.


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