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8 key Primafact features you should know about

Having key documents and critical facts right at your fingertips lets you work smarter and be more responsive to on-the-spot challenges. But you can use your electronic case files more effectively with paperless office tools designed for litigation.

Enter Primafact's document management software. Designed for litigators, Primafact offers the tools you need to intensively work on your case – no matter where you are.

Primafact’s simple interface is designed to enhance the way you work, making it easy to organize and instantly access your documents. With multiple mobility options, including laptop synchronization, you can make your downtime more productive. Easy access to simple tools needed to review, develop, and assign work on your files means you’re always a step ahead.

8 key features of Primafact

If you’re not yet familiar with Primafact and how it's document management solution can help your litigation practice, here are eight features to start you off:

  • Complete mobile file access.
  • User-friendly trial binder presentation – set out files the way you want to see them, making review much easier than with Windows Explorer or document management software.
  • Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) and Google-style full-text searches help you find and identify critical references – fast.
  • Highlighted search results right on the document are also designed to speed up your searches.
  • Work delegation tools – including user inboxes – let you delegate tasks to staff or access important new documents as soon as they arrive.
  • Non-destructive, standardized markups allow structured, shareable case analysis.
  • Easy document sharing keeps everyone on the same page.
  • Binder and annotation templates get you started painlessly.

Learn more about these and other features here – and start making the most of your scanned documents.

There’s more to the story. If you are interested in building a winning paperless litigation practice, read our post on the topic.

For more information about Primafact's Document Management Software for Litigators, please contact Sales at 1-877-726-3228 (Canada Toll Free), 1-877-873-0592 (USA Toll Free) or send us a message.