Service Pack 2 for Primafact 4.5 Now Available

Primafact has just released Service Pack 2 for Primafact 4.5. This Service Pack improves the import and display of PDFs files, imported from a greater range of PDF products.

Service Pack 2 improves display speeds and appearance of most complex PDF files, and is expected to improve overall performance. Other enhancements include faster page rotation and more streamlined indexing of imported PDF documents. Documents exported from Primafact in PDF format will typically be significantly smaller than in prior versions, improving the document sharing experience.

We thank all the users who contributed sample PDF documents to assist these upgrades. We welcome your continued feedback to help improve Primafact.

See here for an overview of what’s new in Primafact Version 4.5.

Questions about this Service Pack?  Our support team at is always happy to assist with any questions you may have about Primafact.